Port Townsend Neighborhoods – Part One

There are just 6 or 7 regions that are thought of as particular neighborhoods, each with its own feel and characteristics….

  • Cape George
  • Post Worden
  • Kala Point
  • Morgan Hill
  • North Beach
  • Uptown
  • Ringer

Ringer Neighborhood

Situated toward the west of North Beach, this exquisite lush territory is known for tall firs and cedars, northwest style custom homes, regular spaces of common plants, and long peaceful strolling trails.

Homes go in size from around 1800 sq. ft. to more than 3000 and most parts are 10000 sq. ft. or on the other hand more. There are some CC&R’s which are restricted and short, for the most part to preclude fabricated homes and expanding on parcels unsatisfactory parcels. Homes run in cost from the low 300’000’s to $665,000.

There is a solid feeling of network in the area, kids at play, and a great smell of pine trees.

Port Townsend Waterfront Homes

Searching for a getaway from clog, wrongdoing, exhaust cloud and traffic? Look at our delightful Pacific Northwest and you will be astonished! Contrast your city with Port Townsend region:

  • Fresh air without brown haze
  • Minimal wrongdoing rate
  • Low thickness of homes and individuals
  • Rainfall underneath 19 inches for each year
  • No state salary fare
  • Small town living with simple access to real urban communities
  • Scenic excellence toward each path

Waterfront people group with perspectives on transportation paths and long sandy shorelines. Bungalow style homes are accessible from $275,000 to mid $400’s, with 1 to 2 rooms. Leave your front entryway and welcome the ocean for a lively walk, some simple angling, or a stunning nightfall. Inside a 10 minute drive to Port Townsend downtown, 1 hour drive to Seattle Ferry or real shopping territories.